Ten Days Medical Missions:

Ten Days is revamping their outreach and launching medical missions trips since 2014. We are sending amazing teams composed partially of medical professionals who will be serving the local community and church with not only medicines and treatment but knowledge and empowerment about their physical health as well as their spiritual health. 


Why Ten Days?

Ten Days is working with a different model than most medical missions trips. First, part of going on a trip includes training. Classes are available that will go over the specifics of how to build a support team, how to share your faith, and how to work within the culture you are visiting. The trip itself may take only 10 short days, but the time you will spend before the trip getting to know the rest of the team and praying for the country is part of what makes each trip so impactful.




Second, Ten Days works with the local church in your appointed country to plan the trip. The trip is not designed for a group to come in, do whatever they want, and then leave the local church to deal with the repercussions. Every ten days trip is discussed with the local church, the local church is empowered with the same training, and they are given the planning power in order to make sure the trips are meeting their needs, serving their community, and helping their church.  



Third, these medical missions trips are designed to stretch you- in a good way! Your only job while abroad will not be medical care, you will be trained how to pray, lead, and minister with the rest of the team. God did create you to be in medicine for a reason and we want you to use that gift, but to also allow him to help you realize gifts you may not have used much before.  



Watch Our Recap video of part trips:

 Fusagasuga, Columbia

We have been able to serve in Colombia for the past three years. We work sddressing poor access to health care and malnutrition as well as evangelizing on the college campus. Fusagasuga is a city of 130,000 about 40 miles from the capital of Bogota. Its a very touristy town since it is on the mountains at the entrance to the forest. Much of the cities have general access to healthcare, but rural areas do not. We set up a daily clinic to see those without healthcare and connect people to the local church. Combination of basic medical care with increased awareness on tropical diseases. 

Watch our recap video by clicking here.  




We would love to have you join us. Will you go?

For more questions, email tendays.medical@everynation.org