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July 14 - July 25, 2016 | Mumbai, India *Trip Closed*

When: July 14th – July 25th 2016
Leader: Gregg Tipton & Vinay Daswani
Requirements: Passport, visa, a passion for the lost, a desire to reach the campus, campus ministry experience & a complete pastoral reference
Size:  35
Estimated Cost: $2,250 + airfare (50% due May 14th, 100% due June 14th)
Ten Steps Launch: March 2nd 2016 
3 Day Fast: May 30th – June 1st 2016

What's it like? Meet up with teams from across the US to serve the Every Nation church in Mumbai. Our team will be reaching out to college students at several universities in Mumbai through outreaches and seminars. We want to encourage students to join us, and those experienced in day to day campus evangelism in colleges and universities.  Business professionals, educators, entrepreneurs, and technically skilled professionals are encouraged to apply and be ready to share their knowledge from a Christian perspective. Professional seminars are a great evangelistic tool and serves as an open door to reach university students.

This is a challenging mission experience for seasoned missionaries. First time missionaries are encouraged to apply to another trip first. Applying for the trip doesn't gaurantee a spot on the team until the leader has approved you as a team member. 

For more information about this trip or opportunities to serve contact: Mike Gordon.

Ten Days provides travel insurance for all of our participants. It is your responsibility as the participant to get any necessary shots or medications for the trip. Please check the CDC for their recommendations.